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Projects come in all shapes and sizes. All of these are multi-disciplinary with large teams of talented people all moving towards a common goal or production deadline. Below you will find a selection of projects, companies, themes, categories and project types that have been worked in as small teams or within larger development groups. There is a common element to most of them and it is of transformation. Transformation in the sense that each person that engages or experiences what has been designed, is taken to a new level, perspective or understanding. Might be fun, learning, play, entertainment or something more. That is the secret and hard to achieve on face value. Most of the projects listed have very structered and indepth development methods and metrics. Please send along any questions that may arise on how they were realized.


[ Disney® - Star Wars Universe™]

[PBS® Kids - Word World™]

[ Marvel® Universe™]

[ Disney® - Pirates of Caribbean™]

[ Disney® - Pirates of Caribbean™]

[ Disney® - Pirates of Caribbean™]


Walt Disney Company (Los Angeles CA) - toy brand packaging, photography, engineering, production for retail

Nick Jr. (New York NY) - co-developed online girls interactive creative art products including Neo Pets

Lucas Film & Licensing (Nicasio CA) - interactive arcade game design for the Star Wars universe

WMS Games (Chicago IL) - senior designer creating arcade coin-op game designs & themes

Warner Brothers (Las Angeles) - creative director overseeing design / packaging forWB hand held games

Zizzle Toys (Chicago IL) - creative director overseeing big kids brands like Marvel, Disney, Nick, Cartoon Network



Word World™ (New York NY) - branding re-invention and presentation for popular PBS Kids show

Hooked on Phonics (Danbury CT) - new re-branding rollout for products and packaging

Alexian Brothers Healthcare (Hoffman IL) - designed and published cancer Oncology Annual Reports

CBC Broadcasting (Toronto ON) - designed and supplied stage theater for the Toronto Music Awards TV

Nickelodeon (New York NY) - developed SB toy / new marketing categories and online digital cartoon events

Edward Hines V.A. (Maywood IL) - website design and publishing the annual reports for their Cancer Center

Camp Invention (Canton OH) - mobile concepts for interactive CI kids creative app

Advocate Healthcare (Chicago IL) - annual cancer survivors day media web short



Apple Inc (Cupertino CA) - concept visualization work and live digital prototypes created for the Apple Store

Target Stores (Minneapolis MN) - concept visualization work and digital prototype planograms created

Toys R Us (Wayne NJ) - concept visualization work and digital prototype planograms created for toy retail space



Scholastic Books (New York NY) - created a new series of iPad™ based books and digital branding guides

World Wrestling Entertainment (Stamford CT) - branded RAW - SMACKDOWN hand held game designs

Nanoschool / Columbia College (Chicago IL) - tech based work on smart classrooms, classroom learning

Jim Henson Company (Los Angeles CA) - marketing visualization and new toy concepts for “The Skrumps”

Zizzle Toys (Chicago IL) - product styling for multi brand hand held game consoles for Marvel - Disney

Bally Manufacturing (Chicago IL) - lead designer the best world's largest amusement game producer

Atari Brands - (New York NY) - designer, illustrator and project head for new consumer game renditions



Apple iTunes™ (Cupertino CA) - Van Go Photo!™ - concept & publishing mobile art painting app

Apple iTunes™ (Cupertino CA) - Pix It! ™ - social picture frame tagging

Apple iTunes™ (Cupertino CA) - Space Crayons™ - animated kid's drawing - Apple™ Award Winner

Apple iTunes™ (Cupertino CA) - Widget Girl™ - girls emotional gaming



Marvel Entertainment (New York NY) - concept design for MARVEL universe games and packaging

POW! Entertainment (Beverly Hills CA) - co-developed personal toy line for Stan Lee’s and company

Mattel (East Aurora NY) - lead arcade vision group to ideate brands: Barbie and Hot Wheels to the game world

WMS Industries(Chicago IL) - game design project lead and producer for their interactive video games group

Atari Brands (New York NY) - project head for new consumer Atari game renditions and arcade games

KoolAid Jammers (Kraft Foods Chicago IL) - online web kids music site and interactive playground


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