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[Live Event Media Design & Streaming]

[Supplier Relations & Project Oversight]

[Videography, Titles, Editing & Production]

Creative Brand Design
visual identity concepts
brand creation + asset management
digital content creation for

Faith Resources
worship media communication
sermon backgrounds - slides - graphics
worship tracks - worship streaming

Website Visuals
creative strategy + conceptual graphics
standalone or web animations
web wireframe + nav architecture

Print Media
layout + design for handouts, newsletters, catalogs
print ready output file setup for publishing
vendor resource for books + magazines

Graphic Design Services
logo design + visual development
presentation design + templates
manuals, reports, annuals, journals + newsletters

creating keynote + powerpoint decks
social media marketing visuals
online ad and banner strategy

Product Merch
posters, catalog, stickers, hats, jackets
brand + logo development
magnets, decals, tees, books

Mobile App Design
specification & technology documents
creative design and architecture
app prototypes + code sourcing


Fibonacci Shell

Fibonacci Shell

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