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The history of electric signage and neon glass tubing can be found going as far back as the 1800's. Electric bulb signs with cut glass and metal lettering were made to convey a word, message to communicate easyly with a potential customer. They were expensive and delicate so only eccentric businesses like jewellers, watchmakers, sutodealers could afford them. Early neon signs were made in Paris, exported and eventually made their way to America in the 1920's. The boom was on and by the early 1930's neon and the sign industry was reaching all business types. Craftsmen were trained, and installation crews were sent out to make beautiful and iconic signs and displays.

Skills offered: consulting, marketing trends, neon sign concept design, figurative styling, sign tech, channel letters, glass tube layout, vintage, transformer loading, architectural rawings, marketing programs, in-store sample kits, leave behinds, low voltage and more.

At Made we can offer an unusual experience and support having direct working craft knowledge in the neon sign industry. Neon is still very much in fashion, and with LED signs taking hold, pure hand-made glass neon still can outperform and out show LED in many cases. The charm and fanciful gleed is hard to capture in plastic or other mediums. A properly made neon sign can last 10 years and is highly visible. With retro fashion, pinball games, vintage cars and lounges popping up all over America, neon stuff can be a very profitable avenue to take.


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