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The logo is the heart of most graphic design communications as well as the brands we know and trust. Well simply put logos come in all shapes and sizes, some are well done and others need some help. Capturing the essence of a company or brand is the starting point, communicating values, ideas and values. For companies we have to build all communication around the logo, and for non-profits we try and capture some feeling and impact in the graphics and colors we choose. Does it communicate anything? A challenge for logo design and some examples here can be see, does the logo stand up to time. Once a logo is decided and all your print and other visual items are established, you do not want to change. Logo development can take some time.

There are many other creative design groups for sure, but we like to find assignments that touch our deep belief to work as Jesus would want us to work in his presence. Most graphic projects usually follow a mission, marketing or liturgical direction, that is so helpful as we try to guide your ministry, Church, campaign, congregation or Christian outreach to meet it's goals visually and on message.

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