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The Gospel comes from the bible, and means the good news about the Kingdom. Specifically it relates to "the good news of the person and work of Jesus Christ". The Gospel is a message about the incarnation of God which was promised by the prophets.

What is Christian-based graphic design? Can we work to spread this good news with design. Of course! A focused and marked effort to do good work for those that need a hard and honest Christian-based approach to getting things done. As we are guided to spread the Gospel and tell all nations how Jesus has paid the price for our sins, so should our daily lives rejoice in the salvation that can only come to us as we accept him in our hearts as Lord and Savior.

There are many other creative design groups that will do anything to make money, but that's not us, we turn those assignments down as our deep belief is to work as Jesus would want us to work in his presence. Most graphic projects usually follow a mission, marketing or liturgical direction, that is so helpful as we try to guide your ministry, Church, campaign, congregation or Christian outreach to meet it's goals visually and on message.

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